The Black Violin

The Black Violin is the first book written by Sandra Andrés Belenguer and published by Ediciones del Laberinto (Madrid, Spain).
This novel has achieved great success in Spain, Mexico and several countries in Latinomamérica with eleven thousand copies published and three consecutive editions.
The Black Violin (448 pages) is a book based on the legend of the Phantom of the Opera (not a sequel), whose story has millions of fans worldwide.


A hundred years ago, some workmen discovered an elegantly furnished room in the tunnels under the Opera Garnier in Paris. It contained the compositions and instruments of the legendary Phantom of the Opera, although these effects were soon to be dispersed amongst the city's antique shops. Now, a century later, young Christelle must uncover the secret of the violin which has come into her hands, discover the origins of the esoteric music which emanates from the strings, and find a way to return it to its original owner before she is destroyed by its influence. She is aided in this by Kyriel, a mysterious young man who knows more about the legend than he will admit. Together, they will journey to the heart of Paris, with its iconic buildings and foul catacombs,  to find out the truth about the Phantom of the Opera. Her violin holds the secret...

Opinion of Teri Bibb, Christine in Broadway and co-created of Phantom's Leading Ladies:

I have just finished reading your opening chapters, and I must say “well done!”  It is thoroughly engrossing, and now I am cross because I must wait until the rest of it is translated into English to see what happens next!  Congratulations, and I wish you much continued success with this and your next books.